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The coming new sensation after a Blast: Galaxy S8

Samsung recently revealed the Galaxy S6 Plus; the S7 journey is also in process, so it’s time to think about the coming galaxy S8.

Now, we will write out our expectations from galaxy S8.

Display and Design

The Galaxy S8 will offer with a 6 inch Super Flexible Display and the rear and front sides will be finished using Turtle glass as protection. It will be also featured with a 4K or 8K resolution. The sides will be covered by the bendable metal frame.

Chipset and Ram

The Galaxy S8 may contain 8 Core CPU at 3.0 Ghz and will provide 5G network support. In addition, it will also support 2G, 3G, 4G LTE-A and LTE-U also, we will be able to play and upload both 4K and 8K videos and it will perform multiple operations with a 6GB Ram.

S8 Camera

The Galaxy S8 camera will be featured 32MP Rear Camera, 12MP front camera with special HDR, Optical Image Optimization, and Dual LED flash. There will be a shooting with 8K Resolution or it is possible for the company to prevail a more clear retina in 4K display only.

S8 Battery

Samsung is going to release Galaxy S7 with a 3500mAh battery, so the Galaxy S8 will be released having the battery power of approx 4000mAh capacity. The battery will be non-removable and the Samsung S8 may provide Quick Charge and Wireless feature that will charge the battery just 15 minutes.

Fingerprint Sensor

In Galaxy S5, Samsung implemented the swipe type fingerprint sensor and in Galaxy S6 Edge, it gives more accurate results. So the S8 will come with an improved fingerprint sensor as it is useful to unlock the phone, logging in to the websites. This makes it even more powerful that iPhone 6s.

Clear Force Touch

Recently IPhone released an extraordinary feature named as 3D touch that detects the finger’s force applying on the display and presents options according to the pressure applied. So it feels that the Galaxy S8 will also get launched with the Force feature. This 3D Touch is sure to come in Samsung now with a ofcurse different name and Samsung Touch-So we estimate it to be Clear Force Touch which will make the screen go sensitive!

SD cards

To get an expandable memory, it can be possible to launch the phone with Dual mini SD cards option without using the micro SD cards to supply enough storage for data.