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Five Great Ways To Get Rid Of Your Unused Pitney Bowes Printer

In our growing world of constant technological advancements, new electronics are being unveiled on a weekly basis. If you recently bought a new home or office printer, you’re probably looking for a way to dispose of your old one. Before you automatically place it in the garbage can, however, consider these five environmentally- and community-friendly ways to dispose of an old Pitney Bowes printer.

Donate it. If your used Pitney Bowes printer still works, donate it to a library, non-profit organization, or other public organization. Donating your old Pitney Bowes printer will not only help the environment but will also help people in your city. Remember to check with Pitney Bowes, as they sometimes partner with foundations that distribute used Pitney Bowes printers to places needing them the most.

Swap it. Go to the Pitney Bowes website or your local office supply store to see if they accept trades of old Pitney Bowes printers for newer ones. If so, you’re in luck! Not only will you be able to get rid of your old Pitney Bowes printer, but you’ll also save money of your new one!

Put it up for Sale.
You’d be shocked at the number of businesses willing to buy a used Pitney Bowes printer. Check with your local pawn shop or place a free ad online to see if you can get some extra cash by selling it. People who buy used Pitney Bowes printers often clean, refurbish, and resell them to make a little extra money.

Give it up.
Another way to get rid of an old but still useable Pitney Bowes printer is to offer it to a family member or neighbor. After all, if your old printer is just going to sit in your attic or be thrown in a junkyard, you’re much better off giving it to a friend in need.

Recycle it.
Regardless of your printer’s brand, type, or size, you can recycle it. This is a perfect option for individuals who have an old printer that no longer works. Click here to find electronics recycling locations in your town.

It goes without saying, but used Pitney Bowes printers are not the only office supplies that should be carefully disposed of or recycled. Used Pitney Bowes printer ink and toner cartridges should be recycled and refilled too.

Did you know that you can buy eco- and budget-friendly remanufactured Pitney Bowes ink and toner cartridges for 60% less than Pitney Bowes cartridges purchased at stores like Staples or Office Max? It’s true! Remanufactured Pitney Bowes cartridges are carefully examined for dents or cracks. Then they are cleaned, mended (if necessary), refilled, and put through Pitney Bowes printer compatibility checks. It’s now easier than ever to save money and ”go green”, with a 100 percent money back guarantee!

Source by Christina Cleri