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Check out how Virtual Reality (VR) is revolutionizing Restaurants

This year, Virtual Reality (VR) is no longer a fantasy. It isn’t even very expensive to experience as well. When it comes to the dining experience, particularly in the restaurant industry, it makes sense that people will begin to experiment with how virtual reality could be used in the setting. One of the leading companies today believe that the future of dining at restaurants is to strap a VR headset to the face and pretend that one is eating while being underwater and surrounded by fish. This is the latest and by far the weirdest example of how a VR gear could be used. This is real and has actually happened and even have some bizarre images to prove it.

With a VR headset, a diner could be virtually transported to an entirely different location, such as a beautiful garden in Tuscany, surrounded by flowers with a winery in the distance. Adjusting the glasses enable one to experience a cool wind blows and catch the fragrance of the gardens. When a new course arrives at the table, one could even switch to a different place or setting. One could find be herself under-water with fish swimming and dolphins playing. The Tuscany table setting transformed into an under-water experience or the lighting in the room changed to reflect the under-water scenario. There could even be bubbles arising from the drinks and water splashes on the table in 3D as well!

Between the arrival of mobile devices on a restaurant table, online reservations, new payment methods, social media, technology has also infiltrated the restaurant space like never before. Some advances serve to boost the experience, both for the business and the patron. However, with every new advance comes a new challenge. With technology moving rapidly, these challenges may seem insurmountable. It is how the industry deals with the advances as well as the challenges that accompany them that would determine the fate of a lot of restaurants, regardless of what is on the menu.

A small startup Myo Studios that is based in Boston is in the process of developing the first virtual reality food blog. With a VR headset when going to the site, one could visit highly popular restaurants in the comforts of their homes. Moreover, one could also learn how to cook from a first person viewpoint, as if the food is right there in front. It is considered a daring project that could change how people blog and learn about cooking online. However, it is still very far from completion.

An outfit is using VR to simulate the eating experience. Basically, one is strapped VR headset and sit in a room that is full of delicious food aromas, which makes one think as if eating something decadent such as a steak. In reality, however, one is eating a low-calorie food substitute. It is being considered as an experience that can be enjoyed by people who have health issues or food allergies, as it allows them to sample the food they would not normally be able to touch. Moreover, it’s also been suggested as the perfect space food for astronauts, since they could pretend that they are back on Earth and eating regular meals.

When using a VR experience at a restaurant, the first consideration is what kind of overall experience is required for diners and how to integrate all the five senses. As soon as this is established, the restaurant plans out the meal. It is of vital importance that the food stays as the focal point and that the effects are used only to enhance the overall dining experience. Both the food and the overall experience should be motivators for all other technological and artistic decisions. Before getting into the technical aspects and details, consider the available space and truly think through how to best use it. The event may require a separate room from the main dining area to create a full sensory experience.

At the moment, producing anything that is virtual reality related for a restaurant could be quite expensive. This is because it involves special equipment. Nevertheless, from a marketing point of view, there are indeed some fun opportunities. For instance, a restaurateur could film a 360-degree video tour of the restaurant, which enables people to immerse themselves in a setting if they have a virtual reality headset, or explore in more depth if they do not. The main thing is that one does not create these videos for the sake of a gimmick. It would be better to find truly creative way of integrating this into the marketing strategy to stand out from other restaurants. However, integrating VR Technology into a restaurant even on a less ambitious scale, a restaurant owner could quickly stand out from the rest with the unique experience and innovative technology that highlights the cuisine. This is something that helps draw in new customers as well as keep loyal ones coming back to check out something new.

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