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An Introduction To The New HTC Desire HD

The Desire HD is the latest handset from mobile phone brand of the moment, HTC. Designed to take over from the hugely popular Desire model, the new HD handset boasts an enormous screen as well as the latest specification Android operating system.

The HTC Desire HD is a very quick mobile phone, and this is largely thanks to a high powered 1 Ghz processor that really is the engine of the handset. The operating system is the latest 2.2 Froyo version of Android, which will please the majority of smartphone fans. Android is still the platform of choice for many fans, thanks to the wide range of programs and applications that it supports such as Flash files. Once again HTC have overlayed Android with their own skin in the form of the Sense User Interface. The whole principle of Sense is to place the user at the centre of the experience, with everything working simply and as it should. Sense is not only a very handy option in the everyday use of the phone, but it also features some ingenious features for more unexexpected moments. Should you not be able to find your phone, logging onto the Sense website will make the phone ring very loudly, even when it is set to silent or vibrate. On a similar theme, if you have lost your handset, you can locate it on an online map, and even divert all calls from the handset if necessary. The homescreen layout is based around the familiar Android system of seven screens, with the added bonus of a new added customise screen which allows you to fully arrange the layout exactly how you want it.

First impressions of the HTC Desire HD is that the phone is larger than average, however these extra millimetres are required in order to house the hugely impressive 4.3″ display, a whole 0.6 inches bigger than the Desire. The screen can display a massive 16 millions colours and a huge 480 x 800 pixel resolution, making it one of the top displays currently available. HTC have removed the optical trackpad on this model, meaning all navigation is performed via the touchscreen. Luckily this screen is capacitive and very responsive, and thanks to its additional size performing all actions is a breeze. The Desire HD, as its name suggests, features High Definition Video Capture at a resolution of 720P, and this is teamed with an impressive 8 mega pixel still camera. Despite its size, it seems the HTC Desire HD is set to become a hugely popular popular handset, thanks to its large display and versatile operating system.

The HTC Desire HD and the Nokia E7 are available now.
Source by Emma Rosher